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Don't worry, this beginners' guide will set you up for success. 

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How To Choose Your Size

Ruby Cups are available in two sizes:

Small and Medium.

The two key factors to look out for when choosing the right size are:


  • Position of your cervix.

  • Heaviness of your menstrual flow


If you have a low cervix, we recommend the Ruby Cup Small.

If you have a high cervix, we recommend the Ruby Cup Medium.

If you have a light to medium flow, we recommend the Ruby Cup Small.
If you have a medium to heavy flow, we recommend the Ruby Cup Medium

Light flow and high cervix?

We recommend the Ruby Cup Medium for ultimate comfort.


Heavy flow and low cervix?

Both cups work for you:

  • The Ruby Cup Small would need to emptied more frequently

  • The Ruby Cup Medium holds more blood, but you probably have to cut the stem for comfort.


How To Insert


Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your cup.


Fold the cup between your thumb and forefinger- many women find that folding in a C shape is easiest




Like with a tampon, gently push the folded cup inside your vagina. It will sit a bit lower than a tampon, but will be fully inside your body



Allow the cup to open inside your vagina, and ensure that it is fully unfolded by running your finger around the outside edge. It will create a suction which will stop any leaks!

Extra Tips:

Using menstrual cups for the first time can be difficult until you get the hang of it. Take your time to get used to your Ruby Cup. Find a comfortable position, be it a crouching position, sitting on the toilet or the edge of your bath. You should try what fits you best and makes insertion most comfortable and easy for you. Breathe slowly and relax. 

There are different folding methods you could try that might help you inserting the cup more easily and without pain. Using a bit of lube can make the insertion easier too.


How To Fold

1- Fold your menstrual cup in half so that the lips touch.

2- Now pull down the right side, so as to form a ‘7’ shape with the lips of the cup.

1- Squeeze the sides of the cup together.

2- Fold the cup in half to make a C shape.

1- Push down the rim of the cup with your finger.

2- Squeeze the sides of the cup together.

3- Hold the base of the cup to insert.


How To Remove



Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your cup.


Grab the stem of your cup and use your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles you use to start and stop peeing) to gently push Ruby Cup downwards until you can reach the base of the cup with your fingers. Squeeze the sides of the cup together to release the suction seal, and gently remove your cup, holding base of Ruby Cup between your fingers


When you've got your cup, empty it in the toilet, and rinse it with water. 
If you do not have access to water, you can wipe it with some tissue or simply reinsert it right after emptying it. But make sure to rinse it at your next available opportunity

Extra Tips:

If your cup is difficult to remove, relax and take your time, don’t worry! 

Staying relaxed will help your muscles to ease and your cup will be easier to remove. Try sitting in a squatting position, and use your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that you use to stop and start peeing) to gently push the cup downwards. When the stem is low enough to reach, pull down until you can reach the walls of the cup, and squeeze them together to release the suction. If the suction seal is hard to break, use your finger between the cup and your vagina to release, and remove.


How To Clean

Between Removal And Insertion?

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your cup. While you're using your Ruby ​​Cup, simply rinse it with water each time you empty it, before using it again. While on your period, there is no need to disinfect your cup between uses. After emptying, wash your cup with water. Avoid fragranced soaps that may alter the pH of your vagina. If this is not possible, or you are in a public bathroom then just rinse with bottled water, or wipe it clean with a tissue.

In A Public Bathroom?

Ruby Cup has a much larger capacity than pads and tampons, and can be worn for up to 8 hours – so you may not have to empty your cup when you are out and about, but in case you do, try these simple steps.

  • Always wash your hands before removing and emptying your Ruby Cup as usual;

  • If the sink is out of reach, simply wipe the Ruby Cup clean with dry or damp tissue, and reinsert. You can then wash and rinse your Ruby Cup with water the next time you have a sink at hand or in the comfort of your own bathroom;

  • You can take a small bottle of water with you to rinse the cup over the toilet.

At The End Of My Period?

Your cup must be disinfected before storing each month. The best and easiest way to sterilize your cup is using a Ruby Clean.

Put your Ruby Cup inside the Ruby Clean, fill with water until it’s about ¾ full and place it in the microwave. Make sure you do not close the lid completely as that will increase the pressure from the boiling water and can make it overflow.

Set the microwave time to approximately 3 minutes or enough time to bring the water to a boil and to leave it boiling for a few minutes. After boiling be careful as it can be hot. Grab it by the handles when you remove it from the microwave. Let the water cool down a bit before you empty it and take out your Ruby Cup.

If you don't have a Ruby Clean yet, you can follow these steps:

Rinse your cup, and boil in a pan or pot of water for 3 minutes.

After boiling, wait until your cup is cool, dry thoroughly and store in the organic cotton bag that came with your Ruby Cup. When boiling your Ruby Cup, make sure you don’t over boil it (no more than 15 minutes), otherwise, the silicone will lose some of its bounciness and not open up so easily anymore when inserted, hence leading to potential troubles with leaking.


How To Prevent Leaking

You may experience some leaking when you start to use a menstrual cup. If this happens, don't worry, it's normal as you learn how to use your cup properly.

The following tips will help you become leak-free in no time.

Here are the main reasons for leaking along with their solutions:

It Didn't Open Up Properly


Very Heavy


Strong Pelvic

Floor Muscles

Do's & Don'ts


  • Your Ruby Cup is not a contraceptive and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. It should always be removed before intercourse.

  • If you experience any kind of discomfort, pain or infection in the genital area, do not use your Ruby Cup and contact your doctor for guidance.

  • Do not wear your Ruby Cup for more than 8 hours without removing and rinsing it.

  • Always keep your Ruby Cup fully immersed in water while boiling it.

  • Always boil your Ruby Cup for 2-3 minutes before using it the first time.

  • Always rinse thoroughly after each period and boil for 2-3 minutes.

  • Keep away from children and pets.

  • Your Ruby Cup is yours alone. Never share it with anyone else.

  • If you have long fingernails, make sure to rinse them thoroughly before insertion and removal and be careful to not pinch yourself.

  • Menstrual cups have been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Read more about it here.

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