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Orders, Shipping & Delivery

What are your shipping and delivery times?
Does my order have a tracking number?
How can I change my order?
How can I track my order?
I haven't received my order, what should I do?
I have trouble tracking my order. What should I do?

Money Back Guarantee

What is the Ruby Cup Money Back Guarantee and how does it work?
Am I eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?
I bought a Sisterpack. Is it possible to return only one of the cups with the Money Back Guarantee?
Is the Ruby Clean included in the Money Back Guarantee?
Can I choose another colour using the Money Back Guarantee?
Should I return my cotton bag as well when using the Money Back Guarantee?
I bought Ruby Cup in a retail store. Can I use the Money Back Guarantee?
Am I still eligible for the Money Back Guarantee if I trimmed the stem?
What happens to the donated cup if I make use of the Money Back Guarantee?

About Ruby Cup: general information

What is a Ruby Cup?

What are the benefits of using a Ruby Cup?

How do I start to use a menstrual cup?

Does a Ruby Cup hold more than a tampon or a pad?
How firm is the Ruby Cup?
How long does a Ruby Cup last?

Where is the Ruby Cup made?

What quality standards does Ruby Cup meet?

How to use a Ruby Cup

Which Ruby Cup size is right for me?
How do I know if I have a high or low cervix?
How do I insert a Ruby Cup?

How do I fold a Ruby Cup?
Where do I place my Ruby Cup?

How do I know if my cup is inserted correctly?

How do I remove my Ruby Cup?

How do I know when my Ruby Cup is full?

How long can I wear the Ruby Cup?

Should I cut the stem?

My Ruby Cup is leaking, what should I do?

Is it possible for a Ruby Cup to get lost inside me?

Cleaning & Storing

How do I clean my Ruby Cup between removal and insertion?

How do I clean my Ruby Cup at the end of my period?

How do I store my Ruby Cup between periods?

Can I use soap to wash my Ruby Cup?

What does the white residue on the cup mean after sterilizing?

Will my Ruby Cup become discoloured or stained after use?

What’s the best solution to sterilize my Ruby Cup while traveling?

My Ruby Cup fell into the toilet! What to do?

How do I clean the cotton bag?

Health & Hygiene

Is the Ruby Cup healthy and hygienic?
Can I share my Ruby Cup?
I am a virgin, can I use a Ruby Cup?
Can I wear a Ruby Cup when I have sex? Does it protect against STIs, HIV and pregnancy?
I have a heavy period, can I use the Ruby Cup?
Can I use a Ruby Cup during menopause?
Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from using a Ruby Cup?
Can I have an allergic reaction to the Ruby Cup?
Will using a Ruby Cup give me thrush?
Can I get bacterial infections from using a Ruby Cup?
Can I use a Ruby Cup if I have a retroverted/tipped uterus?
Can I use a Ruby Cup after I give birth?
I have an IUD/coil, can I use Ruby Cup?

Ruby Clean & Ruby Kegel

How do I use the Ruby Clean?
How do I set the Microwave for the Ruby Clean?
I have two or more Ruby Cups, can I boil them in the Ruby Clean at the same time?
Is the Ruby Clean vegan?
How should I store the Ruby Clean?
How does the Ruby Kegel contribute to easier childbirth?
What is the benefit of using the Ruby Kegel over practising kegel exercises without it?
How long does the Ruby Kegel Trainer last for?
How soon after giving birth can you use the Ruby Kegel?
How far in the pregnancy can I start doing the exercises and when during pregnancy should I stop?
Does the Ruby Kegel Trainer come with the exercise program inside?

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